Gold Pyramid Earrings

Description: Inspired from the Jazz Age’s fascination with all things Egyptian. From makeup to pyramid-shaped designs, flappers had to have it all! These 14K Rose gold earrings features a pyramid surrounded by a cluster of Akoya pearls measuring half an inch on each side.

Style Code: VS4.30.SER.8

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Product Description

Details: 14K Rose gold earring studs with 3 and 5mm Akoya pearls clustered around a pyramid. Measuring 0.5 inch on each side.

Style Code: VS4.30.SER.8

About the Collection::The Victoria Six Seraphina Collection is a bold collection with a feminine touch.  Inspired by the 1920’s, it is a modern take on art deco design incorporating bold geometric shapes while trading in lavish ornamentation for modern symmetry, clean lines, and sleekness. It is perfect for the edgy woman who enjoys the subtlety of the vintage feminine accents.

Each piece is proudly designed and custom made in Los Angeles, California of the finest materials and craftsmanship and is available in 14K rose, yellow or white gold.