Pearl and Ruby Necklace

Description: Hues of pink rubies make these pearls stand out. This romantic freshwater pearl lariat has gleaming rubies and large pink pearls accentuating the ends of the necklace. Wear it knotted, draped, doubled like a scarf, like a choker, or any way you like thanks to it’s open ended design.

Style Code:  VS3-10-GEN-OWR

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Product Description

Details: Freshwater open lariat necklace with white pearls and rubies and large, pink, freshwater pearls at the ends.

Style Code: VS3-10-GEN-OWR

About the Collection:The Victoria Six Genevieve Collection is a line of freshwater pearl necklaces and bracelets that modernize and revamp the traditional look of pearl strands by incorporating other elements. Meant to be worn in a variety of ways, the collection prides itself on versatility of style. They are perfect for layering with other collections or wearing on their own.